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If you've got the perfect design but don't know where to make your product, Directory is for you. No matter what type of factory you're looking for from Satchels to Suspenders, search our directory and start manufacturing your dream product.
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If you've got the design but you're not quite sure how to communicate that to manufacturers in other countries speaking a different language Spec is for you. Spec helps you create industry standard specification sheets that enable you to convey your idea with ease.
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You've got the design, you've found the factory you want to work with, now it's time to make it all go smoothly. Tender is a collaborative production tool that keeps you and everything related to your production in one place, from design to shipment Tender keeps you in contact the whole way.
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If you're looking for that extra helping hand, whether it's your first product you're determined to get right or you're a global brand needing to outsource some of your production then concierge is the service for you. Our helpful experienced product professionals manage the journey from hide to handbag and beyond.
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