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Not sure where to start? Need advice on how best to manufacture your product? Or simply want to streamline or outsource the manufacturing process?

Developing a new product, coordinating production and delivery amid language barriers and different time zones is tricky, and can be prohibitively so for young labels with small teams. So why don’t you get in touch with us?

Our team has a diverse experience within the fashion industry, and it only makes sense that we use our knowledge, experience and contacts to help you solve a problem or help you grow your business. And if we don’t know something, we will endeavour to help you find the answer.

We can help advise you on any or all stages of the design and manufacturing process, answer any questions you may have as to the feasibility of your project or simply take care of the production hurdles, thus delivering a finished product to you and your clients.

While we offer standard rates for initial consultations and manufacturing projects, most projects are quoted individually, based on the complexity of the work involved.

We specialise in providing services around product design and procuring manufacture across all fashion industry categories, as well as offer advise in the following areas:

Collection planning

Costing and pricing product

Product Development

Creating and Managing Critical Path

Designer, Factory or Supplier recommendations and connections


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Case studies

Noble Macmillan: Product overhaul & management

Noble Macmillan is a leather goods accessories affordable luxury brand established in the heart of London in 1980. In 2007 the business was sold to new owners and though it has grown since, it has struggled to compete within the buoyant accessories market.

Noble macmillan case study

Noble Macmillan was struggling to achieve good prices from its manufacturers, which was affecting the sales margin and price to the end customer.

Sourcing of new products and materials was difficult and hindered by the need for to improve and lower on cost prices, yet not commit to manufacturing large orders and maintain the end quality of the product.

Finally – production runs were hit and miss with key selling times of the year missed, leaving Noble Macmillan with little stock and thus affecting overall sales.

Utelier was introduced to the brand in the summer of 2013 and tasked to improve on the product quality, margin and overall manage the future product ranges.

Since then, over the course of a year the following changes and improvements have taken place:

  • Existing product range and sales were reviewed and underperforming styles were discontinued; colour options were reduced and focused on the best performance core selection with space for seasonal additions to add newness – the result – a smaller and more manageable and harder working SKU count.
  • Collections were streamlined by only keeping the best selling products as “core” and adding new products as “seasonal” additions; collections were given name and identity – the result being more shopable and easier to analyse, sell and present product ranges both online and offline.
  • Prices of raw materials and manufacture were reviewed and both re-sourced to better quality materials and manufacture. Both affecting and resulting in better end product quality and overall margin. By doing this necessary 2-pronged move, like for like saving of 20% - 50% on average were achieved. The streamlined product range also helped to meet the manufacturers minimums, hence production prices were improved.
  • As Noble Macmillan is managed by a small team, optimising productivity of the team was important. Too much time was spend on calculating orders and what materials would be required to fulfil the order, placing and chasing these orders and that is before even production began. Cash flow was strained due to having to manage payments to various small suppliers. This “cut and make” process of working was changed to “fully factoring” or in other words giving an order to the factory and buying a fully finished end product and not getting involved in the process of procurement. The result was improved stock and cash flow management, vast improvement on materials wastage generated, and more time free for the team to focus on other key activities.
  • With the above work achieved, the Utelier and Noble Macmillan team now have the time to focus on building on this foundation and improving the product offer and sales. The Utelier team in now responsible for the on-going managing of every stage of development and production through to delivery. Result: Our successful management of the entire development and production process provides a cost effective and efficient solution that enables the NM team to focus their energies on marketing and sales.
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