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About Abigail English

Abigail English is a New York City trained Fashion Designer, who owns and operates Abigail English Designs in New York, USA.

Attention is paid to detail, fine workmanship and quality. All items are handmade and hand-crafted and are constructed with tried and true needlework techniques.

Many of the works are based on past historical works of Art, as well as contemporary designs. Nature plays a major role as a “key” inspiration, bringing forth unique form, function and colour.

One of the hallmarks, which separates Abigail English Designs from others, is the dedication to the philosophy of “Fashion As Art”. All pieces are created...

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Services We Offer
Ideas need to be translated into visuals which help turn an idea into a product. Visualising a concept means you’ll need some or all of these: sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, mood boards, line sheets …etc
Samples are prototypes made to model design ideas and made in order to finalize the pattern for production. Sampling should take place during the first phase of design (R&D) because you can’t get to selling (second phase) if you don’t have production (third phase). There are a few types of samples usually made, the main ones being prototype/toile, 1st sample, sealed/final sample, salesman sample, pre-production sample.
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