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Chloe Sung from Hong Kong and brings the culture into the designs with Geisha inspirations for the modern woman, creating a very elegant atmosphere throughout the design. The simplicity of the designs in combination with the flattering cuts and the eye for details make Chloe Sungs’ outfits outstandingly wearable.

CHLOE SUNG’s design features a sense of luxury that blends elegance with ethereal, reflecting the designer’s attention to detail. Contemporary fashion with a bit of strong yet feminine feeling is definitely the direction which CHLOE SUNG is going for.

Services We Offer
Ideas need to be translated into visuals which help turn an idea into a product. Visualising a concept means you’ll need some or all of these: sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, mood boards, line sheets …etc
Samples are prototypes made to model design ideas and made in order to finalize the pattern for production. Sampling should take place during the first phase of design (R&D) because you can’t get to selling (second phase) if you don’t have production (third phase). There are a few types of samples usually made, the main ones being prototype/toile, 1st sample, sealed/final sample, salesman sample, pre-production sample.
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