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About cristina sosa

My name is Cristina and i'm a Graphic designer, illustrator and flower lover from Barcelona, Spain. I am 32 years old and I have professional experience in graphics since 2013.

"My job really is my life, and I feel absolute passion for the things I do."

I have worked for a lot of big fashion women's clothes brands like Etam group, Camaïeu, Punto Roma, Promod, Trucco, Sfera, Naf Naf and others as a freelance "graphic fashion developer". I have created for clients surface-pattern for childrenswear, home interiors as well as accessories.

I specialize in making graphic positional, photographic compositions, illustrations and all ove...

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Ideas need to be translated into visuals which help turn an idea into a product. Visualising a concept means you’ll need some or all of these: sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, mood boards, line sheets …etc
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Current and Past Clients
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