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About Julien Faure

A Ribbon: a small piece of woven textile, fine and lightweight. Within the delicate weave of thread is an expression of incredible imagination and refinement, a pure declaration of our unique savoir faire.

All our ribbons are imagined, designed, created, warped and woven in our workshops in Saint Etienne, the renowned world home of ribbon making.

We delicately combine our know-how and push ourselves to the limits of our constraints to create and manufacture the finest quality haute couture ribbons.

Thread is at the origin of all our creations - the warp-threads in the length, the weft-threads in the width.

We work with threads...

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Raw materials is everything and anything used to make your product. These can include fabric, leather, trims, hardware and others. Usually these are either sourced by the designer or by the factory, depending on the process stage.
Production is the process of manufacturing the final product in multiples, based on an order placed by the buyer. Usually, production takes place after Minimum order quantity requirements are met and sample approved and prices agreed.
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