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New thumb logo ramponi 2012 negativo
About Ramponi Srl

Ramponi is known worldwide for its innovative and exceptionally brilliant stones.

Their wide range of products include abs studs in different shapes and finishes, and the process of production for this is completely automated.

Ramponi's new laboratory offers a great service where customers can send their fabric or leather to have the selected pattern applied, according to their own project.

The laboratory is also equipped with new laser machines that can be used for engraving leather and fabric, as well as a department for painting components according to samples.

Ramponi’s great attention to detail and to the needs of their ...

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Services We Offer
Ideas need to be translated into visuals which help turn an idea into a product. Visualising a concept means you’ll need some or all of these: sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, mood boards, line sheets …etc
Production is the process of manufacturing the final product in multiples, based on an order placed by the buyer. Usually, production takes place after Minimum order quantity requirements are met and sample approved and prices agreed.
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